Wood Design, Processing and Science

Do you have an idea, and are trying to determine if wood is the right solution? The links below provide you with a glimpse into what others are doing with BC’s wood.

“There are significant opportunities to enter into business-to-business relationships to gain access to wood fibre on virtually any tenure that involves timber harvesting. This includes: major licences, timber sales licences, community forest agreements, woodlots, licences to cut, and government programs like “Forests for Tomorrow”.”   – FCBC Opportunities

  • BC Forestry Climate Change Working Group – The BC Forestry Climate Change Working Group was established to raise awareness of the important role that B.C. forests and forest products can play in the fight against climate change, and to promote B.C.’s forest sector as the global supplier of choice for sustainable, renewable wood and paper products.  See how using wood helps tackle climate change.
  • Canada Wood – Technical publications, including moisture and wood-frame buildings, sustainability and life cycle analysis for residential buildings.
  • Canadian Forestry Links – Web site with links to other web resources related to silviculture, forest fire, forest genetics.
  • Cascadia – The Cascadia region Green Building Council provides resources on building sustainably.
  • Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) – CAWP’s goal is to offer high quality education, service and research activities, with a strong emphasis on value-added wood products manufacturing.
  • Department of Wood Science UBC – Is one of three departments in the Faculty of Forestry offering education, extension and research in the areas of Wood and Fiber Science, Forest Products Technology, Biotech and Marketing, and Advanced Wood Processing.  Wood-related journals are available here.
  • naturally:wood – This Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd. website brings together the latest, most reliable data about wood performance, climate change and life cycle assessment, as well as B.C.’s wide variety of forest products, manufacturers, sustainable forest practices, certification of forests and wood products, and more.
  • Wood First Initiative – Learn more about the Province’s Wood First Initiative to viewing wood as the first choice for construction, interior design and daily living, while strengthening B.C.’s traditional lumber, pulp and paper sectors.
  • Wood WORKS! BC – Led by the Canadian Wood Council, Wood WORKS! is a national campaign to increase the use of wood in commercial, industrial and institutional construction.